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The Mermaid’s Prophecy

Kaitlynn Hatzidakis

    This sculpted piece displays a human at the beach watching the sunrise early one morning… 

    Appearing in the ether, the Goddess — Queen of the Sea — Amphitrite, tells the human of her husband, Poseidon’s anger towards humans for their mistreatment and pollution of the oceans, rivers and seas. Poseidon is the not only the Olympian God of the Oceans, but God of the Rivers, Storms, Earthquakes, Flood and Drought. Amphitrite warns the human of Poseidon’s plans to destroy humanity and restore the health of the oceans, rivers and seas. 

    Amphitrite shares her vision of restoring the health of the oceans with the help of humanity. She describes better ways of living and whispers “The solution only possible if we all change together.” 

The story of this prophecy tells us that with our action today, there is hope for a better future. 


— Created by sisters, Kaitlynn Hatzidakis and Kay Krohn

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