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Welcome to My New Fashion Era

Javiera Andrade

I believe that plastic is a valuable material to work with and that it can be used for our benefits in various things, such as water bottles, supermarket bags, bathroom curtains, garbage bags, milk bottles, etc. Generally, when this material ends its function, it's discarded and the more time passes, the more contamination can cause.
    That's why I strongly believe that we should think more and find creative ways to reuse this element and end the immense damage it can cause for all living beings on earth.
    In this opportunity, I have created an upcycled fashion project, an evening dress. This is made of a plastic shower curtain, plastic water bottles I cut into small pieces and that I glue piece by piece to the shower curtain, pieces of mirrors that I found in the garbage and that I destroyed it to have small pieces and which can be seen in different ways and details on my  work of art and other pieces of material (tulle) that I found stored in my home.
    I hope you can appreciate this new idea that I offer using plastic in its different forms such as bottles, curtain, tulle, etc with an ingenious and intelligent way. I present this idea with the objective of we can live in the future free of pollution and full of creativity

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