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Full Circle Sushi

Mary Paul

I created this piece to help draw awareness to how plastic consumption here in Utah has a global impact, literally being served right back to us in the form of microplastics in our food. When we use plastic products, they are most often landfill-bound. If they are recycled, they are often
processed overseas. During the journey to the processing plants, boats can accidentally spill or tip over, releasing their plastic cargo. If the journey is successful, there is also the unfortunate chance that the buyer will reject the goods because they are contaminated or intermingled with non‐recyclable plastics. The load is then dumped, ending up in the soil and ocean. Marine life consumes the broken down plastic particles. Fishermen catch the microplastic‐contaminated fish which we then buy and eat. Monoculture crops such as rice can also be grown in soil contaminated by plastic particles.
I chose sushi because it represents both land and ocean plastic pollution in our food system. From an artistic perspective, I think it is one of the most beautiful looking foods. I love its geometric use of bold, simple shapes. I used plastic bottles to represent the fish, cut in sections just as you would sushi. Bubble wrap represents the rice and trash bags simulate nori.

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