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Hello Earth Day Tabelers,


We are less than a week away from the Earth Day Festival!  We just want to give you some quick information as you get ready for this awesome event.


We have a parking validation code for all people tabeling.  We ask that it not be used more than once per organization.  Just be aware that this code will only be active the day of the event.  Attached is a map of all the events and parking (in both Visitor and lot J parking areas).  Make sure that when you are entering how long you will be parking add another hour to how long you will be staying.  Parking is heavily enforced.

The parking validation code is: EARTHDAY


We ask that you are completely set up by 11:50 A.M. In the Student Event Center located in the Student Center Building.  You will then check in with me, Isaac Bentley, who will be wearing an Umbrella Hat.  You can then choose your table for the day.  Weather permitting we will have tables out on the patio as well.


If you have any questions or are confused about anything you can contact us via


Phone: Thayne Center (801-957-4555)


Thank you all and we are so excited to see you all there!

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