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The Wave

When thinking about plastic pollution, I immediately thought of the dominant blue forces in sustaining life in the natural world: the oceans and the atmosphere.  I wanted to create a canvas reflective of the state and treatment of these blue life forces, an organic and ethereal blues of disregarded fabric and clothing contrasting with man-made elements and trash carelessly thrown into place. The oceans and the atmosphere are impacted by and distorted by what we disregard, throw away, and allow to go unregulated.This installation presents an opportunity to think about the discarded items polluting and distorting the natural beauty, and at the same time offers a perspective of how giving a second life to discarded items and materials creates a new meaning and beauty that couldn't be obtained any other way. Changing the way we look at these items, at our trash and disregarded items, we can start to find creative ways to be sustainable and respect these natural forces that sustain life on our planet.

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